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Training and Technique

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Build your own homemade wooden hangboard - 2004-02-06 by edge

Making your own wooden hangboard can be accomplished cheaply at home with basic woodworking skills and scrap materials.
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FALLING, LEARNING, GROWING and INSTRUCTING - 2004-01-21 by fjielgeit

"I heard and I forgot, saw and remembered, did and I understood" (or "did" and took a leader fall). This Chinese poem is often used in Outward Bound or experiential ed. circles. It fits like a tight climbing shoe in my story.
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Industrial ropes rigging and rescue - 2003-07-09 by philbox

This article is a review of a course in industrial and rescue ropes rigging I recently undertook.
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Warming up is EVERYTHING! - 2002-04-22 by admin

A comprehnsive guide of stretches to do before and after climbing, to allow you to climb at your maximum.
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