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Rock Climbing : Comments

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Article: Learning to lead, old school.
i started climbing with an 8mil alpine rope, three non-locking carabiners, two lengths of webbing to tie swiss seats, and a sling to set up a top rope. we belayed each other by wrapping the rope around a biner a few times and hoping one or all of the coils wouldn't pop out of the gate. was it smart? absolutely not, but we had the desire to climb so we did it the best way we could figure out to do it, as did the climbers before us. climbing isn't a safe activity anyways and part of what makes it what it is is the possibility of death. as alex huber put it "from a purely logical point of view, it makes more sense to stay on the ground". so to all you pussies ragging on him for climbing recklessly, i recommend getting out of the gym and jumping on an old school run-out slab put up by the people that pioneered climbing, then decide if you know what climbing is really about. glad to read the story man