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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by ACJ (5)

Article: Evolv Optimus Prime and Pontas
For me price is a big selling point. I am tired of spending tons of cash on shoes that don't hold up. So far, the Pontas seem to be holding up well. I am not really impressed with the rubber as far as stickiness goes. I have had a few situations where I got on a route in these and peeled all over it. Came down switched into my katanas and cruised the same route.

Article: Dog Days In El Potrero
Cool story. Sounds like you really immersed yourself in the culture out there and slowed down a bit.

Article: 5.13b above 6000 Meters

Article: CCC and AF Team to Buy Rumbling Bald West Side Boulders
Now we just need the guidebook to blink out of existence so that there is no longer massive hordes of people heading out there!

Article: 13 Year Old to Tackle Everest
Not a fan, mainly because it's so publicized. If it's really his goal, why is he in magazines and the internet? That pressure and exposure will skew anyones judgement, wether you are a 13 year old kid or a very experienced guide.