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Article: Learning How to Learn
I took a lead class the other night at the gym. My friend who was suppose teach it was in Hueco Tanks. So the guy who was teaching did not have the fall experience like my friend has. In order to pass the class you must take 3 whippers. My first one was great and fun. The second one my belayer, who also was in this class, anticipated the fall and tighten up on the rope. When I let go, it was if someone was tighten a corset on me. I had to take a break. On my last fall, I was really tense from that second fall, it was hard for me to get in the mood. I did it, and like a moron I lock my right leg up instead of keeping it in a bent position or small kicking. I had enjoyed that fall as I did the first except this time with that leg stiff, I hit the wall pretty fast. I have ankles from all the tennis years and I knew that I f**## my foot up. I have heard this is a very common injury on lead climbing. In order to pass this class, I sucked it up finished the route and clean the route. Once on solid ground, the instructor sensed that I might be hurt, but I did not let him on. I think the adrenline also help, because to me it was sort of fun. I just wished I knew how to slow down the swing of the pendulum so it be easier on the feet.

Article: A Few Words About Climbing Ropes
I have been in the market for a rope...and its so confusing. I agree that REI does not have a good selection either at the store or online. I want a purple bicolor 70m, not too skinny nor too fat. I would be climbing on sharp granite and chossy limestone. I would be doing some sport. barely trad, but mostly toprope. So if anyone finds this rope, please let me know. Thanks!

Article: A Few Words About Climbing Ropes
Caught Inside...
With a 70m you can do 2nd pitches as a one pitch at Erock like Dome Driver and a 70m barely does the Cracken. Also my partner and I are planning trips around the country like Red Rocks, Smith Rocks. Her rope is green which her favorite color, purple is mine. It might be a girl thing. We have tons of shorties. They were once longer.

Article: Spring 2012 REI Gear & Apparel Announced
I guess the women's clothing will still suck.