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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by BlowingTrees (1)

Article: Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous
5 out of 5 stars Great article. Without the privilege of being able to climb outdoors this summer while I'm away from school in the mountains I have been hitting the local walls semi-daily. I have used this opportunity to work on my self-discerned weak points as well as what others have said I should work on to take my climbing to the next level. Footwork being a primary concern of mine I tried really heavy footwork problems and routes, but this article brings to light another level of climbing that I have not yet experimented with. I can recognize the transition points within a route but it was merely subconscious and I thought nothing of it. Much like your pupil I would just try and rip through a route getting hung up at these transition points out of frustration, poor mental preparation, or whatever else it may be. I appreciate the fact that you even wrote this article to bring this up into forefront of my mental happenings while I'm on the wall. I will keep the article in mind and practice what you preach to see if I can see an improvement in my mental coolness. Thanksss.

As for the other useless comments on this article...its posts like those that keep driving me away from extremely informative and entertaining boards across the internet (but I guess it is the internet so nothing more is to be expected) gripe on.