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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by EvilMonkey (4)

Article: Grand Teton Solo
must have made all you "real climbers" up there with your thousands of dollars worth of gear and high tech fabric feel like a bunch of sissies. that's why nobody wanted anything to do with that guy. he made the summit sans rope, gear, experience, sporting pot belly and plumbers crack. ha!! good for him. if i climbed the owen spalding route, i'd solo it too. of course, i might wear a few layers.... but i'd definitely let the plumbers crack hang out.

Article: GHM Opposes Olympic Torch Relay to Everest
what a dilemma.... do i support china's completely ridiculous, dangerous, narcissistic everest project, or do i side with the french. hmmm.... tough call. i heard they're going to get tim medvitz (star of everest: beyond the limits) to carry the torch to the top while crawling on his knees with a broken hand. hey, if china wants to accomplish the impossible, why dont they try cleaning all the trash off of that disgraceful example of what happens when alpine ambitions go wrong?

Article: Davis Solos, BASE jumps Castleton
i hate to b the a$$hole here, but i'm getting sick and tired of hearing about base jumping, slacklining, highlining, baselining, etc. as climbing news. i've got news, IT'S NOT CLIMBING! put it where it belongs, somewhere else. as for the solo, good work. reardon was still way more badass, though.

Article: Climbers to Attempt to Summit Highest Peaks in 50 States En Masse
man, i don't know what's more sad... kids with a.i.d.s. or actually bothering to climb to the top of that overpass in florida, just to say you did it. for those poor kids, my soul is way down low. what an unfair hand to be dealt. to anyone who bothers to climb the highest point in florida, or indiana, or iowa, or....well whatever. get a life.