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Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
After reading the article a couple of times it dawned on me that the writer is not writing or thinking badly about those that work a 9-5, have 2.8 kids and takes beach vacations once a year; the writer is writing about those whose whole life revolves around work and accumalating money and things and they get stuck in what the writer perceives as a mundane type of being were all their is is work and cookie cutter vacations. Being a family man myself I am not the least bit offended by what the writer is stating because its not me he is writing about. On the flip side, after living on this planet as long as I have and looking back at all that I have accomplished and all that my children will accomplish I would feel very ashamed and regretful if I spent all that time rock climbing and adventure finding. The message here is not to become that mundane person but to seek out adventure and live life to the fullest extent possible whenever possible without shrugging off lifes responsibilities. The article itself was written by someone who has not yet fully experienced life yet, which you cant hold that against him or her.