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Comments by IclimbNAKED (2)

Article: Evolv Optimus Prime and Pontas
I love my Pontas, but I have a messed up toe (from soccer I think), so they really kill when I first pull them on. After I climb a while, though, they get humid and warm. Once they're in the steamy state I love them. They're excellently moulded to my foot.

I've had mine since about three quarters of the way through June of 2008 and they're still holding up brilliantly. Compared to my Sportivas which I blew in a 2 month span, which was just ridiculous. By blew, I mean the toe rand had begun to separate from the sole and they had stretched to the point where my toes would slip around inside the shoe when I'd attempt to use my feet very precisely.

I'm excited to try the Primes as they look thoroughly mighty.

Plus they're sold at a good price here, or were when I bought them at $125 CAD. Compared to about $140 for my Barracudas and $150 for Boosters or Testarossas. Yes, I realize that the shoes I've listed are hardly comparable in nature; however, I was listing them purely for price comparison vs. durability.

Article: Evolv Optimus Prime and Pontas
Well that's to be expected. If there were a climber whose level young/new climbers could aspire to reach, it would be Chris. Chris Sharma has made a brand of himself. He's not just some superstar; he's a very serious climber. Furthermore, he's extremely recognizable and his endorsement of the Evolv brand has no doubt contributed to its popularity.

I really like my Evolv's though, so they're not just some gimmick, in my opinion. I'd buy them again.