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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by JAB (3)

Article: Usobiaga sends La Rambla (9a+ / 5.15a)
If previous ascents were made by Ramón Julián, Edu Marín, Chris Sharma and Andreas Bindhamer, wouldn't this be the 5th ascent, and not the 3rd?

Article: Stick Clip Tricks for Sport Climbers
5 out of 5 stars Thanks for the tips. I mostly climb trad, but stray into sport every now and then, so this was a good summary for me! I hope to see more of the same in the future. Thumbs up for the clear pictures.

Article: Chris Sharma Joins Sterling Rope’s Team
What's up with all the Sterling product placement? Sterling Ion front page review, front page Sterling factory visit and now front page Sterling sponsorship news. Maybe should be renamed " provided to you by STERLING, THE BEST ROPE FOR EVERY CLIMER AND BULDRR"