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Article: Learning How to Learn
As far as falling goes. If you jumped off a ledge to the ground below, how would you react to the fall? As funny as it would be sometimes, I have never seen anyone curl up and "cannon ball" to brace a fall. You would be looking at where you predict to land and upon impact your feet and/or hands would help absorb the fall. Taking lead falls is no different. Be aware of your surroundings and defensive. Get your hands up if need be (I would much rather take a blow to the arms/hands than my face/head). Just something to think about.

Soft catches are great and all, but they are not always the proper way to ensure the safety of your climber. Falling and catching a fall is SITUATIONAL. You should be aware of what your climber is doing and what is around them. Soft catches certainly do lessen the impact on the climber. But If providing a harder catch prevents the climber from being potentially injured then DO IT! The safety of your climber should be your biggest priority as a belayer!!! I would much rather have a hard catch by a rope than a catch by the ground or a ledge.

Adding to that as the climber before you even get on route be aware of any potential fall hazards. If the potential risk is more than your willing to take do not get on the route! Even if you have done the route 1000 times or are certain you are not gonna fall, the potential is still there.

Safety folks Safety! That's should be your deciding factor in anything you do in climbing.