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Article: Grand Teton Solo
First and foremost...congrats on your Grand Summit!!! Awesome story! I met a guy very similar to that one while backpacking Avalanche Canyon to Snowdrift Lake in the Tetons. Middle aged, chunky amateur. Cheap tent and sleeping bag from KMart that we thought wouldn't hold up in the 60 mph winds, no bear spray, no water filter, and all alone. Poor guy thought he saw a bear that high in the canyon and freaked out for a while. But he made it back to the valley safe and sound. The trail to Avalanche is fairly unmarked and only those of us who live and work in the park really know about it, so we were astonished to see he made it home. And on another note, the Climbers Ranch is awesome. I live in the Highlands...the NPS employee housing in front of the CR. Love those guys living there.