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Article: The World's Highest Climbing Wall
I took a tour of the place last weekend. The plans look amazing, and to quell your fears, the route setters will be numerous and professionally certified. They've got it budgeted to pull and replace 50% of the routes inside and out every month.

Article: The World's Highest Climbing Wall
I can speak a little on the intentions of the people building the wall. Apart from building a world-class climbing wall and the only one certified to this level in the entire country, an admirable goal in and of itself, part of the idea is to help Reno diversify from that "idiotic greed of the Nevada gaming culture". The building this wall is going up on (an old, out-of-business casino) will be entirely gaming and smoking free, aimed at promoting a great place to actually hang out downtown. There will be shops with cheap food, live music, and even a doggy daycare center. They're doing it up right.

Having grown up in Reno and always feeling like a tourist downtown, I'm incredibly excited to see this project moving along as quickly as it is (seriously, until now one of the best parts about living in Reno is that you have great places to go when you leave every chance you get). It'll be nice to have the opportunity to put up a few pitches downtown, rather than just being asked to drop a few bucks at casino. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing I love more than a good long climbing trip out in the wilds, but this wall will be a nice alternative--and one I can ride my bike to, at that.

Article: The World's Highest Climbing Wall
Don't worry about RockSport; they were brought in early and are managing the project. :)