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Comments by Valarc (4)

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '07 - Day 2
The reverso 3 looks like an interesting device. I hope it addresses one of the shortcomings of the ATC Guide, which is that it's incredibly crappy on old, fat ropes. Being a petzl product will also pretty much guarantee it's in every REI in the country, which will be nice.

Article: Five Minutes: Former CCC Pres, Sean Cobourn
Agreed - it's a great read, and I hope it gives folks from outside the SE some perspective on how good they have it. We have so much great rock down here, and so little of it is open to climbing.

On another note - what's the deal with Grandfather Mountain? I'm a bit far from Boone, but I recall some talk at the Triple Crown Hound Ears comp about it being opened and having some serious climbing potential.

Article: A Linville Link-Up
"Itís a wonder Kris even trusts me to belay for him. I and my girlfriend just broke up and, to be honest, Iím a little sad about it. And now Kris is dating her."

Best part of the whole story. I was kinda rooting for him to take the pendulum for stealing yer woman :D

Article: The Volunteers
5 out of 5 stars Great article. I give money to the SCC every chance I get - it just feels good to know, even though I'm probably moving out of the southeast in the near future, that these crags will always be there for me to come back and visit. Boat Rock, Jamestown, King's Bluff, Steele, Yellow Bluff.... all of these crags are climber-owned and not open to the whims of some government agency that can change its mind at the drop of a hat.

It's really pretty amazing, and I give mad props to the guys in the SCC who pull it off, and the climbers down here who always throw down for access. The rate at which money was raised to buy Yellow Bluff was simply astounding - a bunch of dirtbags came together to raise tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of a few weeks. Southeastern climbers rock!