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Article: A Few Words About Climbing Ropes
I don't even remember the make of my first rope, it was a dark green bicolor 60 that a friend gave to me. It was about 2 years old and lightly used at that point. I used it for another 3 years, very lightly, and semi-retired it when I bought an orange 10.3 Petzl 60m single color.
The Petzl has it's good and bad points, it's a little stiff but just enough that it tends to go over corners rather then drag across them. The mid mark has faded pretty fast, and I have heard of people mistaking the mid and end marks on the rope. The main downside is that it sheds like an old dog, orange fuzz all the time. I haven't seen any serious degradation of the sheath yet though.

I was recently using my old rope as a rap rope and it caught a snag and the core felt damaged, so with the age it was time to cut it down to haul lines. I just bought a 60m 9.7 Bluewater Lightning Pro yellow dual color. So far, I love it, little kinky but the coating is great, and the weaves are very easy to see, which wasn't the case on my old green rope. After the marking issues on my Petzl, I am going to stay with dual color unless it's a forced issue, like being on a trip and out of money and needing a new cord.

Article: A Few Words About Climbing Ropes
j_ung, I most assuredly did NOT see that, or I wouldn't have bought the rope. Thank you VERY much for the information, and I will be keeping a very close eye on the rope. Even with the shedding, it's held up ok under pretty heavy use the last few months, but I am very appreciative of the heads up.