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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by ajkclay (5)

Article: Woman Falls To Her Death At Gym
Unfotunately it will not matter whether she was climbing or not, the word climbing is involved... we all know what this means: Higher insurance fees at gyms, higher likelihood of access troubles, the media sensationalising "yet another unusual death." Seriously, if they carried on in the same manner every time someone died at home or in a car accident we'd be walking everywhere and living in trees still! My sympathies to the family and friends of the girl concerned though.

Article: Climbing (and cricket) at Mt Arapiles
It's Australia, winter isperfectly fine to climb and camp... remember, no water (well not much anyway) in the lake for years.

Great article, encapsulated Araps nicely...

but if you found the grades a bit stiff and the climbing remote lucky you didn't go to Moonarie, it has a habit of scaring off Araps regulars ;-)

Article: 13 Year Old Completes Everest Climb and Looks Ahead
"made his own decision"... errr he's 13.

Ma, pa, I think I'll go and join the army, vote, drink beer, after all I'm making my own decision.

I think there's a chance this is a further step down the path of people being guided thinking they are "conquering" - if this 13 year old managed to organise the funds, got together a team, developed his own training regime, organised supplies, batered with locals, and was capable of providing solo aid to team mates requiring assistance, then maybe, just maybe it would rate as being close to conquering.

But how likely is this to be the case?

[i]the youngest guided 7 summits[/i]

In all truth, I'm undecided on the issue, but things like this and 16 year olds sailing around the world in order to break a record does not sit right with me.

There's a lot to be said for just being a kid - playing for fun always beats the cut and thrust of competitive life as an adult.

Article: Black Diamond Merger Followup
Conspiracy theories are cool, but how about some evidence based discussion...

Has there been any real evidence of a significant decline in quality of BD products or service since the merger? Real mind you, not anecdotal; so something like: UIAA tests have indicated a problem with (x); and not, well this friend of mine bought a stopper and it had a scratch on it.

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Sure Henny Penny, maybe I'll have a look for myself. The BD equipment I have purchsed recently seems to work ok.



PS what chugach001 said :)

Article: Start Climbing - Part 2 : Get Started Bouldering
Squiros you haven't climbed on Elbsandstein have you?

People living in glass houses should not throw stones.

Best to take advice on rock types from people who have more than local backyard experience climbing. Sorry dude, your advice about no evidence of shoes affecting rock is wrong, they can and do. Depends on the rock.