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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by alpenweg (9)

Article: Multi-Pitch Safety - 10 Best Ways to Avoid an Epic
make sure your partner is also up to date with such things

also make sure u don not go multi-pitch climbing with someone u do not know well!

Article: 5.13b above 6000 Meters
God bless human potential

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
i live in a place where the cookie cut way of life is about all there is
if for instance, i do something so odd that the others think of me as way to odd, they will not let me into the group for reasons of fear

i was once not let into a climbing wall because i was to outspoken and was in much better shape than most people there

here, school, money and material items are god to most of them

i like and support what the article says
do not make money and material items god


Article: Joshua Treed
i am glad u are ok
and ankle breaks are common in j.t
i was not a vitim, but the rope partner in something similar

wow i have never been slammed
oh yes once onto my back from 13-15 feet
the belayer let the rope go when i was dead-poointing and missed my point of holds

bammmm i hit and now i have still to this day a hard time climbing
but hey what the f*********
i still go for it

Article: Joe Puryear Passes Away
what to say
i send comfort to the ones left behind
sorry for your loss

Article: Dog Days In El Potrero
switzerland is nothing like that
all competitive and not much of a community
more of a indoor climbing community here since it rains most of the year, but when it is dry and good to go, wow it is glorius

Article: Color photographs into b&w the right way, and more ...
Thank you for the early morning input!

Already tried the techniques and they work great!