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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by baigot (4)

Article: Woman Falls To Her Death At Gym
so, i forgot the most important...Take climbing seriously, itīs not a funny game, itīs your life in that game!!!. One misstake your out.

Article: Woman Falls To Her Death At Gym
iīm sorry to hear someone died in a gym. i donīt know the facts so my opinion is very subjective. Iīm a climber who some oportunity had some lifes at stake giving some climbing lessons, and those people sometimes take climbing without the responsability needed to do climbing. Itīs to damn complicated run a business where the liability are people and their common sense, and i donīt think the owner wanted someoneīs dead. In this case will be dificult to stablish the real chain of irresponsability.

Article: Black Diamond Merger
Sounds very bad. Thats very bad...that merge means, even low cast of the product to maximize or increase profits, at expenses of lower quality products (often made in very 3rd world countries). I think its not bad at all doing that but we know how operates all the firms (i quote BD own words) that are "public companies" with "no operations but strong financial resources". ThatÂīs a joke, it means sink BD to get all the U$S can get in the shorter time they can. All who know micro and macro economy knows how companies with "no operations but strong financial resources" works. IÂīm very sorry about BD.

Article: 13 Year Old Completes Everest Climb and Looks Ahead
shame on the parents, this will impact in the body development of the kid...why are parents doing this kind of stuff, expose to this kind of things...???