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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by bler (4)

Article: Climbers Buy boulder Field with Help From Chaco/Rock-Creek
I attended the 'Float the Boat' Competition last weekend. This is a really cool boulder field that is in major danger of development. I found some of the 'classic' areas to already be developed and the tractors no more then 20' from the boulders!

Good job to the community that saved this cool bouldering area.

Article: Paul Robinson sending hard

Article: Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED
goes to show how hard we need to work to keep our climbing resources available

don't bitch and whine, do something about it, we will only see more issues regarding access. work with people to be low-impact climbers.

I have seen many climbing areas become madhouses and look like behind the local grocery store with all the trash and underwear, this sport is getting larger and if we do not realize our impact we will loose our most precious climbing areas.

most companies and government agencies could give less of a shit about bouldering or climbing, it makes no money for anyone, whereas casino's, tourists and houses DO unfortunately!