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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by boadman (3)

Article: 46 year old Queenslander sends 5.14a/b
Good job on the send Duncan!

Frog Buttress looks pretty rad.

Article: Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review
I played with them in the store the other day. They do have great action, and are very well made. I've only really ever carried the purple and gray tcus as "specialty" pieces for the rare spots that aliens don't fit better. I might consider getting a couple of these to suplement my aliens. The "slight" range loss from the metolius cam angle doesn't always feel "slight" when you're feeling wobbly.

Article: A Few Words About Climbing Ropes
I had a personal rule that I would never pay more than $100 for a rope. It worked pretty well until the last couple of years. A 70m is practically required around here, and it's hard to find them for less than $130. My personal opinion is that ropes are like toilet paper, they're all pretty shitty after you use them.

I've had the best luck with Sterling and the worst with Beal.