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Article: Fire Destroys Local Climbing Business in Red Rive Gorge - UPDATED
Peter, I can't make it up there this weekend. Could you pm your mailing address to me?


Article: Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '08 - Day 1
Thanks for the initial info. That kind of info can make a difference when you are standing in a store choosing between two similar items.

But man, Malcolm's initiative is awesome. Watching that venture grow throughout the industry is going to be really exciting. Accessible adventures.....I had more than a few depressed teens recovering from the big C who thought they would not be able to participate in outdoor adventure activities d/t limited equipments. Hospital staff were typically clueless, and honestly, reinforced the worst-case scenario. I'm going to make sure the folks at the local peds unit know about this!

Article: The Access Fund: Foresight and Follow-Through
j_ung these are excellent. Thanks for acting on a great series of interviews. Climbing access is such a house of cards at times. These interviews provide all of us with the background history, updates on new issues and the depth of logisitics involved in getting/keeping places open for climbing. Keep it coming!

Article: The Volunteers
5 out of 5 stars Ditto granite grrl. Good stuff. Props to Brady and AF for fostering the communication between folks. It's super important for groups to know who is doing what, how they are doing it and who to call for 'back-up.' Special thanks to all the folks who went and have been puttin' in their time.