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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by braaaaaaaadley (5)

Article: Three Missing on Mt. Hood UPDATED
According to CNN, they have given up the search... they are now sending a couple groups up to search for bodies after a storm blows through as of 12/21.

Article: Up'n the Ante on NorCal Granite
I'm glad your climbing hard, but you make yourself look bad when you write an article about your own send. You should try and wait until you get good enough so that others write about your accomplishments. Your article made me think about that thread a couple months ago where some kid who had been climbing something like four months asked how hard he had to send until he gets sponsored. Of course he then went on to name all of the gym routes and ratings he had sent. Your article put the same bad taste in my mouth as this one had done. Again, I am not trying to take away from your send because it sounds and looks impressive, but it really takes away from it when you write about it in this sense.

Article: The SCC 'Steeles' Another Victory
5 out of 5 stars Um... I lived in Va for 20 years... I think it qualifies as the south... especially the part that boarders Tenn. Not to get off topic or anything.

Article: The SCC 'Steeles' Another Victory
5 out of 5 stars Kudos to them... now if they could only work on acquiring the little known gem in SW Va, known as Hidden Valley.

Article: The SCC 'Steeles' Another Victory
5 out of 5 stars Ok, if you want to look more deeply into this, then open up your history book and see what the CAPITAL of the south was during the civil war. And where was this city located? About 6 hours north of the area to which I am referring.