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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by brachialis (7)

Article: Honnold Free Solos Half Dome
I had always imagined free soloing (at least on longer, more difficult routes) as a practise reserved for veteran climbers, who presumably have gradually become very comfortable with and aware of the associated variables. This guy is really young, though, which makes the feat all the more impressive, or troubling? Whatever the case, I'm certainly inspired.

Article: Climbing Rubber Friction Test
One non-trivial variable to account for is rubber temperature. We all know from experience that climbing rubber tends to heat up as you climb, and I would hypothesize that different climbing rubbers behave differently as temperature is varied, and that under uniform climbing conditions, a rubber's temperature increases at different rates for different rubbers.

Article: Bouldering World Cup Vail CO - Final Results
1 out of 5 stars Stuff like this makes me not so proud to be a climber :/ Maybe they ought to have squads of personal cheerleaders, too. But whatever, I climb for my own purposes.

Article: Kurt Albert is dead - International Mountain Summit Mourns the Climbing Legend
5 out of 5 stars One must go in some way. He and W. Guellich had similar fates, it seems. They perform countless calculated risks on the rock, and then something of this sort happens. Sad! In any case, if you speak much German (or even if you don't) I recommend watching the documentary on Guellich and German climbing. Kurt was an important figure in it.

Article: The World's Highest Climbing Wall
1 out of 5 stars 'The 'CommRow' project is aimed at bringing fresh new appeal to the Fitzgeralds Casino, and it sure looks as though it will.' Brilliant! Nice ad. Thanks 'admin', could we now have some climbing news meaningful to anyone who doesn't happen to live in Reno? To me this just seems like another instance of rock climbing becoming muddled with and compromised by greed. If this civilization sustains itself for long enough and heads in its current direction we'll see rock climbing walls franchised like Taco Bell. But they will never understand what this practice of climbing means to us.

Article: The World's Highest Climbing Wall
1 out of 5 stars @dig_scott: I know some people who don't live in Reno but travel to the area will appreciate this. But 10 hours? Why not visit an area with 50 meters of beautiful stone? My 'problem' is not that a company owns multiple walls etc. I've no inherent problem with capitalist expansion. You know, it potentially means 'good' for many more people. Whole Foods is maybe an example, among others. The 'problem' is that associating climbing with the idiotic greed of the Nevada gambling culture is a prime example of how our practice is being used for personal profit, without regard for ethics or aesthetics. I won't claim to know the intentions of the people behind this project. But on the basis of the article it seems pretty GD lame. You know, instead of going to Reno and gambling away your dollar, maybe go out and camp, and spend your week near some stone :)

Article: La Sportiva Introduces Futura Climbing Shoe
1 out of 5 stars It's not 'news', it's an ad.