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Comments by cantbuymefriends (3)

Article: DIY Pinky Rests for Non-Leashless Tools
Great idea!
I have an old pair of DMM axes and I've been thinking about doing something similar, but more as a knuckle protection than as a leashless conversion pinky rest.
I will definitely try this out. Thanks!

Article: DIY Pinky Rests for Non-Leashless Tools
Hi again!
Don't pound them flat. Just cut/saw it off at about 2/3rd of the curve, file off any sharp edges, and attach it to the axe as it is. With the "double curve" surface intact, you'll need a bench-vise(?) to deform them. [:)]
I forgot to check the material in mine, but I think it's some kind of chromemolly since I live close to saltwater and I got them in the marine departement of the hardware store.
Also, cut off any excess length on the hoseclamp.

Works good enough as knuckle protectors when the ice is thin so I don't want to bang up my new Simonds. But the axes still suck for mixed climbing. [;)]

Article: A Linville Link-Up
Thanks for sharing, great story :)