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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by cchildre (10)

Article: Helicopter Rescue Possible On Everest Summit Soon
I think this is a great thing, an incredible breakthrough. Bash on the posuers up there, sure they don't belong. If they save one soul with this thing, it is worth it, belong there or not.

Doogle, if your on Everest and you need help getting down, your near death, hell being in ABC is dangerous.

I would rather send a stricken climber down in an RC chopper, than involve 20+ climbers in a dangerous rescue descent. His chances are probably better in a chopper and if things go wrong it won't involve the innocent guys lending a hand.

No body can say the circus isn't a problem, that something needs to change, but this isn't the problem.

Article: The Huber Brothers Conquer El Cap
Nice to see. Two guys on the cover of my first issue of Climbing. As arrogant as they have been portrayed in the media, at least they hang their sac out and back it up with a performance like this. I would get a swollen head if I held that record! LOL Great work...

Article: Osprey Talon 33 Editorial Review
Sidepull is just hacked off he doesn't get the free/cheap booty, ah la Vegas-Style. Which I would too, but then 'trad_guy administering this site, for free (I think), should have some sort of benefit, which should be extended to whomever they want. Nice review, with good data. Had the 5'2" girlfriend, but I traded her in on one that is 5'8" now, too bad I hate the old one, DIE!!!, or I would relay this to her. LOL

Article: Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED
Why would you ever go to Hueco if you can't get on Mushroom?

Article: Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '08 - Day 2
What? Long Day? Ohh Geezzz.... Yeah, great coverage again John, always love hearing your perspective. My gratitude to you for taking the time to shoot and write...Long day indeed!

Article: Arc'teryx WST Harness Editorial Review
As always, great writing by John. Until now, all I have looked at has been the Petzl, mostly because of the double-backed buckles. Happy to see other alternatives coming out.

Article: Everest Records 2008
I wouldn't tag anyone who summits Everst as being 'hauled' up the mountain. Everyone has to walk the path. Some carry less than others, and have better/higher stashes of gear, but no one gets there without an incredible effort.

That said, I am against the circus it has become. I know it is sad, but it is forever changed. It will never be what it was. If you think about it, that is true for anything that exists. As soon as you visit a place, it is changed forever, no matter how subtley.

Article: Craig Luebben dies in climbing accident
Everyday, you pass within a fingers lenght of death...each passing car could deliver a more violent punishment than any evil world dictator ever could. - rough quote from Chuck Paulanik

Article: 13 Year Old Completes Everest Climb and Looks Ahead
LMAO.... 13 year old's developing brain subject to extreme conditions... hmmm, I wonder how this kids Everest-tested brain would stack up against all the children that bounce soccer balls on their heads...or how about a fastball to the cranium...or getting crushed by some cornfed-hormonally advanced linebacker playing Pop-Warner football. IMO, the high altitudes should only serve to condition this child's body to develop toward dealing with high altitude situation more efficiently.

Article: Black Diamond Merger Followup
This business is simple. Investors see an enduring company with a dedicated client list who has rigorous demands for quality. (Don't think the CCH melt down has not been factored into this equation) Once acquired, BD can go up or down. Short-term, to achieve a quick return, they could cut cost, lower quality, and milk it for profits to sell the shell (unlikely knowing the associated cost for such a shift would have to be absorbed). The more intelligent route, is to nurture and develop the company, increase efficiency, and maximize their bottom line aimed at long-term success.

Consider that, most of the buy, loot, and sell-off type companies tend to target businesses that have a depressed value, expensive manufacturing equipment or capital, excessively overpaid management, and are in a more volatile line of business.