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Article: DIY Pinky Rests for Non-Leashless Tools
A nice article.

Unfortunately simply adding a pinky rest to a pair of ice axes dose not make them good leash less tools. A good pare of leash less tools are designed with anatomical understanding of the human forearm and wrist. The angles of the tools shaft, handle, and pick are designed to minimize stress on the hands while promoting an efficient swing. Be careful when abandoning your leashes on your normally leashed tools. Despite your new pinky rest you could be in for a day of sore wrists and completely pumped out forearms.

Article: DIY Pinky Rests for Non-Leashless Tools

addicted2alpine-Whoops, I suppose I should have looked at your screen name before assuming the axes where for technical water ice! I am sorry about that! When I saw the article I was instantly reminded of the CAMP Awax axes. These axes where basically a leashed ice tool (minus the leashes) with a little pinky rest. Damn those things where uncomfortable!