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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by cliffcash (4)

Article: The Painted Wall
Marcus: glad you got to see this. The Southern Arete is def. a good climb. Hope to see you around too! -Luke

Article: The Painted Wall
Man...I don't even remember what we ate, all I recall was that sensation of the Gatorade jug we stashed in the tree, better than even the most satisfying beer I've ever had.

Article: Adventures with Two Tent Timmy
Thanks for the love everyone! Ha, Dre Day the name and Dr. Dre fo sho!

Article: Go West Young Man
I've gone ahead and split this article up into 3 sections. The next 2 parts will be published over the next few weeks.

Thanks!!! The people have spoken, stay tuned for part 2...-Luke