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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by climbdork (3)

Article: New England Ropes Recalls Climbing Lines Due to Fall Hazard
Well, they've found that their product isn't living up to their guarantee, so they're replacing it at their own expense. That's following through on their promise.

Article: Climbing and Murder
Author clearly doesn't understand the Miranda ruling. It has been everyone's right to remain silent and to have a lawyer advise whether and how to answer questions since 1791, with passage of the Bill of Rights. The Miranda ruling holds that law enforcement *must tell you that you have those rights.* This issue is quite distinct from what one's rights are.

Article: Get'n Tough at Smith Rock
Skull Hollow is over 5 miles away, and Bend is ~20 miles south. How does one save money by commuting over 10 miles a day, round trip, to climb and an extra 40 miles round trip for a "free" shower? I'll save the gas and wear on my vehicle, and reduce pollution, by paying $4/night to not have to drive 50+ miles to sleep and shower.