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Comments by climbingaggie03 (5)

Article: Three Missing on Mt. Hood UPDATED
I'd just like to thank the family for making the difficult decision to suspend the search, I know it wasn't easy to do, but the family of these guys have seemed very concious that other people were risking their lives to try and save their loved ones and I'm glad that they realize the rescuers are important too.

Article: Black Diamond C3 Editorial Review
I love C3's, I use them in place of smaller TCU's and have no complaints.

Article: Another Ed and Zorba Epic Adventure
That is an epic on snake dike. I've done it twice and love the climb, but hate the hike. I can't imagine spending 20 hours out there! Those are two of my favorite yos climbs though, great story.

Article: Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review
Great Review. Shimanilami, I like to carry both a green metolious and and a red c4. I've seen a fair number of placements where the green fits wonderfully, and the C4 fits terribly. I can't think of many that were the other way around. I don't know why except for maybe the narrower head width or the different camming angle, but sometimes it happens.

Article: Omega Pacific Link Cam Inspection Notice
So I love my link cam, but it seems like they have had more problems with them than any other company, save CCH. I guess more parts means more parts to fail/have problems. I do like how OP has handled problems by being upfront and quick to respond.