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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by clintcummins (2)

Article: Ice Climbing 101
> The snow is flying and you don’t ski. Your recent send of “Interloper (5.12a)” gym route left you with sort of an empty feeling. You are seeking adventure, and dammit, and your nubs don’t work too well on rock when its 20 degrees out. Where do you go now?

Someplace warmer? Temps in the 30s are not necessarily impossible, if the rock is in the sun.

I climbed ice when I lived in Boston, mainly because I imagined myself as a potential rad mountaineer and my friends did it. We even did some first ascents. But it was often quite dangerous, with scarce pro and shallow penetration of ice tools in cold temps. Only in warmer temps in March was it possible to sink those tools "in to the hilt" which felt secure. So that is a lot of $$ in gear for a very short safe season. I eventually took my only leader fall (while trying a FA on thin ice) and hit the ground, getting a spinal cord injury and broken leg. After that I discovered there was lots of sunny rock climbing possible throughout the winter in Connecticut.

So be careful out there and be aware of your full set of climbing options.

Article: Head Trip
hendo, I felt it was abrupt, too. But the right response depends so much on the circumstances. If it was a small town and the doctor knew the family personally, then a friendlier response (even if a "no thanks") would be in order. But given that both of Krag's parents were/are famous, he is probably accustomed to being more defensive.