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Comments by cogmog (4)

Article: Andy Lewis wins the Slackline World Cup
5 out of 5 stars Why the hate? Slack lining was adopted by the climbing community in the shadows of El-cap in camp 4 back in the 70's. It was used as a cross training tool to work on core muscle and balance. It was a also social type thing that grew across the US mainily in climbing circles. I remember in early 90's at the New, back when you could car camp in the clearing in the bottom of the gorge by the old bridge, slack lining was just coming into light for the rest of us. One one night a dude from South Africa showed and set up a line between two bumpers and walked it. We all tried it but failed horribly. It wasn't till years later that I saw it utilized more and more by the "new" climbing generation. It is part of the climbing community now. Deal with it. If you have a problem with it, don't click on the link mate!

Article: Andy Lewis wins the Slackline World Cup
5 out of 5 stars I respect your input but Climbing for many people is not a sport, for many it is a way of life, sharing the good things people experience in nature and on the rock. If someone who climbs and slacklines wants to post something regarding it, why should you judge that person? It is a free world and a free forum. I am sure that the moderators would agree. This just reminds why I haven't posted much in the 6 years I have been registered here. People can't share what they are passionate about without being flamed by a small percentage of the good people on this forum. Sorry you feel that way mate, but live and let live maybe? Thanks mate. Peace! I wish you well.

Article: Andy Lewis wins the Slackline World Cup
5 out of 5 stars LOL ! Inflation is a biatch! ;)

Right on mate! It's all good!

Article: Learning to lead, old school.
So many haters clicking their keyboards! Great story mate! I too learned from "risky" old schoolers in NC back in th early 90's. It was the way things were back then. My mentors learned to climb in the late 70's when early nuts were as high tech as it got. We have a very safe way of learning climbing today but don't knock the old school please. Cheers! :)