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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by curt (6)

Article: The Five Ten Project
Nice write up. I also own a pair of these and have used them several times bouldering on very sharp rock (Oak Flat, AZ) and can still see almost no visible wear yet on the soles. I have no idea how 5.10 has accomplished this, but the Mystique rubber is both stickier and longer wearing than anything I have ever seen before. I also wear a size 10 street shoe and my Projects are size 9.5 - and they seem very tight--but that may be because I have a wider foot. Overall, these are amazing shoes, but they might never become my "everyday" shoes for some of the reasons you mentioned.

Article: Viva Espaņa
5 out of 5 stars Great TR, Manny. I'm jealous.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Winter 2010 Wrap-Up
5 out of 5 stars It will be interesting to see how the remade 5.10 Newtons work out. The old ones were great--but it's been my experience that every time 5.10 "imporves" an existing shoe, they make it worse. The "Altias" in particular come to mind. Thanks for the nice report.

Article: Anthony Love Awarded the Access Fund's Bebie Leadership Award
5 out of 5 stars Hey Anthony,

Congratulations on the AF Bebie award from a fellow recipient, 2005.


Article: Adidas Acquires Five-Ten
...and sold it.