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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by curtis_g (4)

Article: Urban Climber buys Climbing Magazine
I had a few bucks on a Border's gift card this winter and picked up a UC mag and it was a little bit annoying to try and find the article in it. I dunno, I might be checking Alpinist or R&I come next subscription renewal.

Article: Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous
I to enjoyed the article, after I got over the title. I don't think anyone has argued that the article is of quality, but I also don't see how anyone with a developed vocabulary could argue in favor of that title choice. Unless it was supposed to be ironically ambiguous, in which case, Arno is laughing at me...but I don't catch that vibe.

Article: A Linville Link-Up
...epic linkups that don't involve 5.13, is what I meant.

Article: A Linville Link-Up
Great read. Awesome to hear of epic linkups and really cool self-imposed challenges.