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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by damienclimber (12)

Article: A Climber in the Winter of his Content
2 out of 5 stars Nice Photos, You bring alot of compassion to your article.
If you want female company, a cold tent , and a buried turkey on thanksgiving isn't exactly a turn on!
Did you ever consider getting a puppy?

Article: This is Buildering - Part 2
I think you need to take this buildering to the next level !
Since you are looking for work , try the dave beckham theme- Model underwear.
A bridge like in Mothman Prophecies might score you a sponsor too.

Article: Learning to lead, old school.
1 out of 5 stars Dave, Dave, Dave that's all I ever hear and he's all over here.

Article: Climbing on the Costa Blanca Spain
These are great photos! No Photo-Shop?
The guy with the ponytail looks pretty awesome as does the climb!

Article: 2012 Ice Climbing World World Cup Deads to Russia
1 out of 5 stars Gee , no comments, no R or X photos either !

Chossy should have gone to see his competition , and worked the crowds. Where's the dark horse?

Article: It was huge. And black!
OMG-Look what I found !! Double Trouble

Article: American Alpine Club Announces 2012 Annual Benefit Dinner in Boston
Wonderwoman and blueeyed climber could use a night out alone,or together!
Please enjoy, gosh you guys deserve it!

Oh, and the boston accent is hardly noticeable after a few pitchers of beer at a cute pub in town!

Article: The 15th Annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Flims , popcorn, guest speakers how nice!

Article: Mind the Barbed Wire
Great Photos!
Looks like a wonderful vacation almost as good as China !
obtw-Ice needs help ,any illegals means one less chance of another 9/11- unfortunately there are still 11 million in the U.S.A call their 800 number w info. Thank you.

Article: Go West Young Man II - California Love
I'd consider climbing with you! After a through phone interview , obtw not with that vehicle, it looks like it might explode!

I just laugh and laugh when I read my comments.

DON'T YOU????????

Article: Woods, Puccio Take Gold at ABS Nationals
So where are you in the men's finals?
Just post a little snip edghey (LOL)

Oh and where is that Drivel?
Didn't she/he place into the top 4?