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Article: When Hope is Not Enough - Indian Creek at Risk
camhead and rockprodigy, obviously I'm in agreement with you, though "solitude, a sense of the unknown and foreboding, and above all, the sheer, unquantifiable beauty of the Canyon Country" is not the subject of my post. In light of skyrocketing use and abuse, I'm simply interested in sustaining crag access and mitigating the impact on the delicate creek basin.

slobmonster, it's not only the BLM that worries me, and relying on a the informed few to police the basin amounts to neglect. The recent closure of Torrent Falls in TN highlights the impact that an irresponsible few can have for everyone. An unforeseen dearth in local advocacy presence should not result a complete lack of regional policing, particularly in a heavy-use, five-star climbing area. While increased regulation and enforcement is undesireable and can't guarantee responsible use, such measures will greatly increase the likelihood of future access to the crags.