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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by deadhorse (7)

Article: Homemade Double Gearsling with Loops
pretty handy.

Article: La Rambla Original (9a+), second ascent by Edu Marin
+1 on that confirming the difficult of es pontas. It wasn't even truly his style of route (just because it wasnt his) and it still took him only 20 tries. What does that make you think of es ponta? I can't wait to hear who and when it's 2nd ascent will be. Graham seems a likely contender to me. but thats not the gen. consensus.

Article: Helicopter Rescue Possible On Everest Summit Soon
4 out of 5 stars hey don't act like survival of the fittest is even kind of still around. We did away with that centuries ago. I mean hell, i've gotten vaccinations. They just keep making the hardest place to get to in the world easier and easier. I know it's only practical, but i don't even think that porters + preset fixed lines are legit. But I'm no mountaineer and i suppose without them it'd would be impossible.

maybe that was the point....

Article: Helicopter Rescue Possible On Everest Summit Soon
4 out of 5 stars damn, I guess it proves the old adage- when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. In this case, mostly just me.

Article: Sweet Dreams, Soft Rock, Weak Guide, Huge Adventure
4 out of 5 stars scary. glad you held strong and didnt call it quits with donny.

Article: Honnold Free Solos Half Dome
I disagree with both of you. Who says he's trying to prove something to you? There is no person that is so caught up with their public opinion to free solo thousands of feet, that also holds the quiver of skills to do so. I bet if no one was ever going to hear about this, he still would have done it.
Congrats on a sick send.