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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by debaser655321 (3)

Article: Access Alert! Niagara Glen in danger!
Access to the Glen should be closed to everyone. I used to love bouldering there back in the 90s. Last time I was there I was disgusted to see the impact of climbers: chalk, polished foot holds, discarded tape, ad hoc trails. The Climbing Community didn't step up and the glen can't support that level of climbing anyway. It's a great place and something should be done.
(don't get me started on the other tourists that trash the place)

Article: The Mental Toughness Error
Alright article, but I agree with Dashclimber206. Craig has only 1 problem, he doesn't know how to find gear placements. There are definitely options for gear on Zoo View. Also, change the photo. It's very dishonest to use Zoo View as the climb of reference in the article and show some other awesome crack.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer '09, Day 1
I've been looking for a way to get my dog up and down The Endless Wall. Will she hate me forever if I put her in that thing and haul her?