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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by diamox (3)

Article: How to Tape Your Fingers (también versión en Español)
There is currently no evidence that taping will prevent climbing injuries. It is suspected that taping will aid in the process of recovery immediately after the period of immobilization and during the rehabilitation stage. However, no one has yet to prove that taping while climbing post-injury enhances healing or prevents further injury.

Article: Pulley Rupture (también versión en español)
You certainly seem to have put a large amount of work into this article, congratulations. There are a number of errors in the text. I will only point out one error at this time. The MRI is as effective as the dynamic US in diagnosis of pulley injuries. The paper you quote in the terminology section is the definitive article regarding MRI vs. Dynmaic US and states the sensitivity and specificity of US as compared to MRI. Dynamic US in the hands of an experienced clinician is as effective as MRI.

Article: Climbing 100,000 meters for charity
Wasn't there a really cynical article in R&I recently about the whole climbing for charities deal?
I wish I could climb full time...