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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by dondada (4)

Article: Everest Records 2008
any real climber who has a hair on his ass would train and take the chance to climb everest if they could afford it(and im not talking about just paying guides, do it old school, can you take off a month from work?buy gear?assemble a team?hire sherpas?ect)......a poor country making money off those with the resorces or skill to try, good for them...nepal is a third world many people climbed el cap this year?? does it make it easier??would you climb it if had a chance?? have you climbed it?? do you feel your experience is diluted every time you hear of someone else doing it?? probably not, its a personal goal; do you think any of those 77 people give a rats ass what we think. no amount of neighsaying will take their summit away from them... any one who has never been above 25,000 feet or stepped foot on asian(let alone himalayan)soil should get off their high horse. there is always new routes/seasons/means of getting up that mountain...if it feels "watered down" to you, go establish a new route.

Article: Carabiner Extravaganza!
camp nano 23??, trango superfly?? jus curious

Article: Start Here Part 2: The Essentials of Gear
??ATC??,locking biner??..i think should be included...imho...or at least a mention of belay device

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
dope a fat kid at heart so i love hearing this..........GO a big fan!!