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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by dpurf (2)

Article: When Hope is Not Enough - Indian Creek at Risk
I am with 'danielmcneil', the main issue is keeping access and reducing impact. If changes need to be made to keep access, then I welcome the changes. I would love to keep things as is, but in reality that is not possible. Things are always changing and we must adapt to that change this in reason.

We also must be careful with this issue. If we push to hard to keep it as it is, then we may loose it forever. Nobody wants that. Take the example of a recent news story out of Seattle. A Rabbi wanted to have a menorah display with the Christmas trees with in the airport. He pushed the issue with a lawsuit. In the end he did not get his menorah display and all the Christmas trees were taken away. So EVERYONE lost in this case.

I am not saying that this will happen, but there is that risk. We must walk a fine line. Letís not ruin it for all.

Article: 54 year old sends Pink Flamingo (5.13)
Maybe someone should tell Katie Brown the same thing.

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