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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by duncansteel (2)

Article: 46 year old Queenslander sends 5.14a/b
I have climbed at Frog Buttress for 22 years and i have done every 27 to 29 at the cliff in fact I have done almost 300 routes there. Whistling Kite was only a dream until last year when i thought i would get on it and see if i could do it. It took me 8 days af effort before I thought there was a chance that i could do it but i didn't get it the weather turned bad. This year I have been bolting new lines at another cliff Gaytime 15m 26, Gaylord 15m 29, One Hit To The Body 30m 30, Beastly Behaviour 15m 30. After this I thought I would get back on the Kite. and after 5 days and 13 shots I did it. Actually 3rd shot of the day. You can only do it when it is in the shade so you only have from 6.00am until 9.00am to do it. When the sun gets on it you cannot stand on the micro edges or pull on the small edges. I still have a lot more climbing in me yet. This is my first climb at this grade.

Article: 46 year old Queenslander sends 5.14a/b
I live 1 hours drive from Frog and 1 to 1 1/2 hours drive from most crags around Brisbane.