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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by dynosore (5)

Article: Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED
but if someone wants to build a giant new casino, it's ok to dig and pave over 20 acres.....

Article: Grand Teton Solo
nice story, well told

Article: Climbing and Murder
If this were real, a manslaughter charge would stick.

Article: Black Diamond Merger Followup
Merger = bean counters looking for ways to cut costs. Maybe they'll be the exception, but I'd look for BD to focus on branding and selling clothes etc. more, and hardware will be neglected. Hope I'm wrong, but if I had to bet......

Article: The Painted Wall
5 out of 5 stars Good article! A climb I hope to do someday. I stood on the south rim, last summer, and looked across at the painted wall. I was holding my baby son in my arms, and I dreamed about climbing it with him someday. Here's to dreams *raises cups*