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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by eastvillage (6)

Article: Seattle loses remarkable climber to Mt Wake
Very sad. All for the lack of knots in the rap rope. Beware, this can happen to anyone.

Article: Preliminary Red Rock Wilderness Plan Released for Public Commentary
Access Alert, indeed. How about a Too Much Access Alert?
Rather than worry about the number of bolts allowed, maybe climbers should be really worried about the development juggernaut than is grinding it's way up hill from the city?
Red Rock's "Wilderness" qualities may soon be a thing of the past, lost in an endless sea of walled communities, traffic jams mini-malls. Has anyone noticed that Las Vegas is trying to take water from Death Valley to fuel the city's continuing, unsustainable growth into the desert?

Article: Black Diamond Merger
Hmm, BD, now a publicly traded company? I guess that means that future any quarter where an "analyst" doesn't like the "growth" or "earnings" of the company can now speed the movement of all remaining US manufacturing to "lower cost" and "more efficient" countries.
"Clarus Corporation is a public company with no operations but strong financial resources."

Translate that into they haven't manufactured anything in their life and now they want to get into a business where the quality of the manufactured object is paramount. Sounds like a good fit to me!
Of course, this will result in no conflict with their new Wall Street driven mantra to eternally lower costs and increase profits. Sure no problem. I'm sure the analysts at Goldman Sachs get up to the Gunks now and then and have more than an intellectual appreciation for a well made piece of gear. Of course they do.

Article: Black Diamond Merger
Wall Street scum have just bought out BD. It's over.

Article: Black Diamond Merger Followup
This guy is obviously a vested employee who stands to make the biggest financial killing by sheer volume.
Fact: As a Wall Street listed company, the pressure for quarterly profits will destroy product quality and/or drive the entire operation to another country.