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Article: Learning How to Learn
I've gotta say... I've only been leading trad for about a year, and probably what has helped me trust the gear the most (sometimes i still have trouble with this as well) is both seeing my climbing partner fall on his gear, as well as falling on my own gear. If you place good protection, and you're smart about it, you should be fine. As far as then whole backup toprope thing, I know many people who have done that, and it has made them much more confident about their gear. So I think that's a really good idea. I think it's very smart to understand the limitations of your gear, so do what ever it takes :)

Something that always freaks me out leading is taking lead falls on slab. YUCK! I've never taken one and it seriously scares the crap out of me. Is there even such a thing as a "clean" slab fall? Should I be this freaked out? can anyone give me some helpful advice so I can start getting over this?