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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by enigma (2)

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
roininthorne-Stockbrokers do no crash the system. Nor did they crash the system. Put your money in cash. Call your 401 dept at work and tell them to change to cash or c.d for your asset allocation. Banks got the bailout from Obama with the hope for homeowners. Except Obama is too inexperienced, may have good ideas but dosen't follow through. Example millions were sent to savings banks, who didn't even ask. So they had parties , Sheryl Crow complaining she didn't get paid enough to sing at the Beverly Wilshire and corporate executives got fat bonuses.
Meanwhile sweet old ladies, got thrown out of their homes, or a shitty loan modification with a ballon payment just about the time they will be 80. Just so after paying the loan for 20 years and the interest its pretty much a "pseudo rental" and will lose the house.

As far as 2.8 kids, white picket fence if someone was so altrustic they could adopt unwanted children instead of having their own. So its has a valid point.
We only have one life, mine as well be happy with it , whether your a full-time climber or Not. If you feel more comfortable at the crags than arranging your flowers in front of your house its cool too. Or helping the endangered wildlife.

Article: The Painted Wall
Well written. I'm glad it had such a happy ending!