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Comments by epoch (4)

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '07 - Day 1
More..... Need More!!!

Things are looking great so far. I am looking forward to 5.10's release of the Prism. All day shoe? Looks interesting.

The Arcteryx harness look and sound sweet too. I'm all about shaving ounces.

Article: Red Rocks: A Climber's Guide Editorial Review
Exellent review.

I am alway apprehencious about blind buying books before I get a chance to hold the book in my hand.

Article: Woman Falls To Her Death At Gym
I'm interested to see where the investigation takes it. Since it is a toprope only facility, it still leaves a few possibilities. Looks like an interesting place from what I gathered from their site.

Article: An Auspicious Infancy: The Earliest Days of the Access Fund
5 out of 5 stars Great article! It's true that a majority of climbers don't know or understand the hard work and history that has gone into securing these resources for climbers. Sure, it's a singular organization but it is also the top-level organization in America.

Solid read!