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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by fatoomchk (2)

Article: Start Here Part 2: The Essentials of Gear
Great introduction article. Some very good advice IMO.

One thing that I found helpful when I bought my first shoes, was that the sales assistant said that it's like buying any performance footware - ski boots, ice skates etc - They never feel the way you think they are going to feel and, if you continue with climbing, you will probably buy a new pair of shoes within a few months once you learn that the shoes you have just bought are too tight/too loose/wrong shape/etc.

It is excellent advice to buy comfortable shoes to start with. You will still use them years later as an all day, multi-pitch alternative to your bouldering torture devices!

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '08 - Day 2
Great reports vtg. thanks for the huge and detailed effort that goes into preparing these reports. good work!