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Article: Three Climbers at Zion National Park and a Monkey Wrench
Fjielgeit here, the author, or storyteller (?) on this piece: The episode really happened. There was a green gate at the entrance station and it was locked. We three youngins' actually dismantled the barracade and drove in. Mechanicle hackers we were. The tunnel, the service crew, and our turnaround did indeed happen. I enjoy the controversy this short story has created, gives me joy to know some of you you arm chair types or actual physical brutes can dispute or admire my claims. I look at any story at phenomenology -- I have no idea of the veracity of the event, but I'm 100% behind the telling. I didn't stretch the truth in the details. And it was not the first time nor the last that we -- I -- did some monkey business. You can call me kimosabe if you want, but I prefere Tonto. Fjielgeit.