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Article: Start Here Part 1
Hey, pretty good article. I especially liked the part about hanging out in the bouldering area of the climbing gym. I am sure quite a few of us who decide to start climbing and don't have any friends that are interested, feel the same way. Luckily, I go to Earth Treks in Maryland and they realized this predicament so they have a sign up sheet for people looking for partners (for top roping, but then of course many people do both). Also, the staff is very friendly and couple of them gave me their personal info. so I could climb with them when they were off. I didn't mean anyone to climb with in the Intro. class either a lot of people come with others to that class or lose interes or I think do it just for a quick one time thrill. I am going to a more advanced class this weekend and there are quite a few more I plan to attend. But, basiclly I've gotten a few responses from the list that the gym posts and then there's the staff. I also got one offer to be belayed just with someone I was chatting with and then a couple boulderers straight up gave me advice. But, yes, a lot of the time you are climbing alone and it can take some nerve! I'd say keep going at least once if not twice a week! It's the only way to improve and advance. It sounds like you did pretty well for a beginner, I've heard some people are naturals. I've been bouldering for a month and I've only reached the top of a couple of V0's. I've gotten close on V1's and then in top roping I've done a couple 5.6's.