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Comments by fulton (1)

Article: Urban Climber buys Climbing Magazine
4 out of 5 stars Screw the Youth market. The climbing magazine industry needs to retain the audiance that fills out their circulation OLD GUYS WHO WISH THAT THEY CLIMBED MORE (not better).
Rock Climbing, as an activity, is not football. People don't play for a season as children and then follow the sport for the rest of their lives.
The Urban Climber generation is not durable. The reader's of these mags aren't really climbers, they are people who are "trying climbing out". Maybe they buy a crash pad and a pair of shoes - even go bouldering a couple times a year. But once these children turn 21 they'll get beer fat and never climb again - Instead they'll take up Mountain Biking (or Kyaking which is technically as cool as watching football).
They Climbing magazine industry has to get their acts in line!
Did anyone see Climbing's "danger issue?" 'pucker factor' what? LAME!
And what is up with R&I's new format. Sure doesn't make easier to read on the plane. If I read rock and ice tell their readers that they didn't change their mag for add space, then I'm going to bust out my ruler and word counter and emprically prove that they are liars.
ONE MORE THING - Editors of these mags. Please visit a part of the country that is not CO or CA, IF I READ ABOUT RIFLE ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO PUKE AND KILL MYSELF and the I will not be able to renew my subscription.
I suggest that climbers stop reading these mags altogether. INSTEAD - find some coppies of Climbing Mag from the 70's and 80's - great writing - great stories by the guys who climbed the routes - gives the modern climber a sense of origin and respect - oh, and NO ADDS.