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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by garklath (1)

Article: Tales of Tricks by the God I'itoi on Baboquivari Peak, Arizona
I really enjoyed your story. I felt dissapointed at the rock throwing, and drugs as did most folks I suppose, but as they say that's what learning is all about. It's just too bad you didn't learn these lessons earlier in life when they couldn't have caused as much damage to such a wonderful community and nation. I'm glad that you felt regret and hope that you continue to remember those things that you did on this mountain. I enjoyed reading about the stories you have gathered about this mountain and was delighted to hear about your repeated experience with mishaps and surprises. I belive that is what climbing is all about. The thing that appaled me the most was the bolts that you drilled into the wall to go where you pleased in safety. I can understand the drugs, and the rock throwing but I will never condone drilling new rock just to have the pleasure of putting up a new route especially withtout permission. I'm surprised that no one else commented on this. Do you all believe that anyone has the right to drill holes in whatever rock they choose? What age and level of maturity were you when you drilled the new route Rocknroll? Have you learned your lesson yet?